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Waitlist Information & Reserving

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Our waitlist Dynasty owners are first to gain access to our newest arrivals and have priority to purchase them before they are placed on this website. Family members of Pets Dynasty will receive exclusive first social access of our newest available kittens and can check daily for new arrivals and news.

More often then not kittens are purchased by our waitlist customers very quickly, sometimes within minutes after being posted before having a chance to debut here on our main site. This list assures us that we are dedicating our time to serious parties and not just window shoppers.

In order to be placed on our Pets Dynasty waiting list for future kittens, the interested owner can pay a nonrefundable deposit of 150.00 usd to hold a kitten or a spot in line for a future kitten on the queen’s waitlist. When kitten litters are dropped waitlisted owners will have the first choice of available kittens to choose from. From there they can place a non-refundable reserve to place a hold on their kitten. The reserve is 500 and is applied to the initial price of kitten. Final payment of kitten is due when the kitten hits the 16th week mark or on pick up day.

In an occurrence that we become unable to sell the kitten for reasons such as the kittens mortality, we will give the reserver the option of replacing the kitten with a kitten of similar quality from a currently available litter or allowing them to choose a kitten from a future litter.

✨ Note we accept payment through PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo. With PayPal and Venmo there is a 3% added charge that you will need to ad to your payment of done through business purchase. Payments done through Venmo will only be accepted along with a friend request and comment specific to the reserve of kitten.

*always message me your inquiries before placing a reserve or deposit on any online transactions.

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