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Getting a Kitten

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Buying a kitten through our Dynasty-

dynasty house at times gets asked a question- "Do you have any kittens for adoption?" Well I understand the question self is asking which kittens are available, the wording always puts me off. Dynasty house is a cattery, we are proud of the kittens we produce and owners love the kittens that they buy. Kittens are given lots of love and care And they leave our home with fun excitable personalities that years down the line owners tell me they enjoy. Dynasty kittens leave our home when they are between fourteen and sixteen weeks with their shots, microchipping, and deworming. They go to our local pet clinic here in Los Angeles and are checked before going home. We’ve now added Trupanion insurance to the take home of the kittens. Trupanion it must be activated within 24 hours of the Kittens pick up date in order to receive the one month discount.

Kittens bought from me are usually well adapted. I have large and small dogs including young children at residence so the kittens are used to being handled before they go. Since we also live in the city they are accustomed to loud noises.

When buying a kitten through me or anyone else I suggest a vet check within 72 hours followed by a week period of quarantine. Kittens being introduced to other animals may be susceptible to diseases, with stressors including new places which can cause their immunity to drop making it easier to get sick. My kittens leave with a signed health contract and pet sales contract. This ensures both breeder and buyer protection. We do not want to release a sick kitten to anyone.

Paying for a kitten-

If there is still a kitten available when they are sixteen weeks old, owners have the option of paying in full upfront at pickup. Kittens still under the sixteen week mark are often reserved early with owners paying the remaining balance at pickup. Reserve and waitlist payments are done electronically through Venmo or Zelle.

I do not accept payments without having first discussed with the owner beforehand.

At pickup day when the kitten is sixteen weeks owners have the option of paying electronically or through cash.


Shipping is done through a nanny service. I don’t know how or will do cargo shipping. That being said owners have the option of finding their own shipping service or shipping through me. If I’m the one doing the service then I will try to find the

lowest flight date available to send you kitten 🐱 kitten that flies by nanny will need a carrier and harness at pickup. Pickup would be from airport.

Shipping costs- Shipping flight costs range between 450-1000 depending solely of when the flight is scheduled. I cannot control the cost of flight that was scheduled close to take home date within that short time span. So for those out of state and out of Los Angeles I recommend placing yourself on our waitlist and doing a reserve for a kitten. If the flight is scheduled three or four months ahead it is significantly cheaper.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me~

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