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Scottish Kilt & Napolito Cats

Scottish Kilts are a TICA experimental breed of cat. These cats are a munchkin and Scottish fold cross and have varying looks to them.

Breed Standards of Pets Dynasty- Scottish Kilts & Napolito

Permissible Outcrosses

Scottish Fold SH/LH & Munchkin SH/LH

British SH/LH


Shape: Semi rounded, prominent cheeks with defined cheekbones. Ears Folded: In proportion to head on the top of head. Ears should be rounded and semi-capped giving a sweet inquisitive look. Ears Straight: Medium with rounded tips, on top of head. Eyes: Wide almond eyes that give a sweet and clever expression. Eye color to conform to coat color.

Chin: Semi moderate and firm, should align with nose. Muzzle: Moderate medium to short muzzle that is rounded and proportionate to head.

Nose: Short to medium in length with a soft sloping C as ideal. Straighter sloping acceptible. Profile: Gentle curving with a slight stop

Neck: Medium semi-muscular neck that blends into body.


Torso: Thick semi-foreign body that is well rounded and has a gentle slope upwards from shoulders to tail. Legs: Short and set evenly apart with a firm semi muscular look. Feet: Rounded, compact, neat, and all feet point forward from body.

Tail: Long flexible tail is ideal. Boning: Medium

Musculature: A semi-firm body with permissible flexibility, not bulky.


SH: Shorthair should be plush and dense and Teddy like.

LH: Medium Long coat & Long coat should be thick but silky in feel with a lustrous look. Toe tufts and ear furnishings allowed. Fur should be soft.

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